We Will Rock You - Showbiz Christchurch March/April 2019 (Killer Queen)

“God save the Queen! The Killer Queen, that is, the malevolent monarch who rules the fantastical futuristic world of Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You (WWRY). Local legend Naomi Ferguson’s embodiment of rock royalty as Killer Queen is the greatest gift ever bestowed upon Otautahi audiences by Showbiz Christchurch. This is the role Ferguson was born to play, stealing the spotlight every second she graces the stage. Her spectacular voice is perfect for the iconic 80s powerhouse ballads.” Whatsup Christchurch

“As I've alluded to earlier on, one of the highlights of the show was Naomi Ferguson, commanding the stage in all her scenes, singing absolutely superbly throughout and making for a truly fearsome Killer Queen. Covering a wide vocal range across her songs, she powered through the big numbers – an outstanding vocal performance but also a gripping stage presence.” The Press / Stuff

Free Radicals - Empress Theatre Collective / WORD Christchurch August 2018 (Co-creator / performer)
“The premise for Free Radicals is to give voice to the unsung female heroes of science from the Middle Ages through to modern times, using music as a storytelling medium. I went along hoping to learn about the women left out of the history books, and enjoy the musical offerings from the talented group of musicians in the cast. What I experienced was one of best theatrical endeavours I have seen in Christchurch for a long time, a brilliantly blended balance of entertainment and education.” Whatsup Christchurch

“There is joy and beauty here for the audience, alongside challenging sounds and music, contemplation and experimentation. Melody and dissonance seem to be in constant tension throughout the song cycle, and this is evocative of the purposes of the concert as a whole.” The Reader, Bookseller’s New Zealand Blog

“Beatrice Tinsley, the astronomer who originally studied at Canterbury University, was the subject of the next song by Naomi Ferguson. The electronic soundscape was enhanced by Ferguson’s flowing and powerful melodies.” Christchurch City Libraries Blog

He Says, She Says - Blackboard Theatre Collective August 2018 (Performer)

“The title referred to the theme of the evening, with each song performed by a different gender than it was written for. Sultry jazz queen Naomi Ferguson swaggered onstage sporting a Stetson and a sneer any cowboy would be proud of, before revealing a jaw dropping lower register to deliver Bless Yore Beautiful Hide.” Whatsup Christchurch

Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Showbiz Christchurch March/April 2017 (Diva / Shirley)

“The action is framed and underscored by three divas (Emily Burns, Jane Leonard, Naomi Ferguson). They fly in at the beginning, looking like glorious, red-haired silver mermaids from an interstellar cabaret, and their powerhouse vocal work is a highlight of the evening.” Theatreview

“Emily Burns, Jane Leonard and Naomi Ferguson are also fabulous as the three glittering divas that descend on wires from above to provide a kind of camp Greek chorus and knock-out some disco classics.” The Press / Stuff

A Streetcar Named Desire - Christchurch Repertory Theatre May 2016 (Blanche)

“Naomi Ferguson as Blanche was a stand out. In spite of the challenge of playing such a complex character, Ferguson came across as executing her role with ease.” Christchurch Star

“For Naomi Ferguson as Blanche, the play marks a step up in the demands of the stage. Well known and well regarded as a talented chanteuse, she brings willowy elegance to the role. A little vivid and fresh for the fading Blanche perhaps, she nevertheless projects a subtle and steely intelligence which adds satisfying complexity to the essential battle with Stanley.” Theatreview

“She is melodramatic, fussy and fragile and explains her unexpected arrival as the result of nerves and exhaustion... Ferguson tackles Blanche's break-down with prowess. She is erratic, child-like and irritating at the same time.” The Press / Stuff

Musical Mentors Concert - May 2016 (Performer)

“With an embarrassment of riches on show, a top-pick is a hard task but I go for the impassioned gospel of Out of the Rain, where Ferguson gave full vent to her sound. This performance would stand up as excellent anywhere. By contrast, Joni Mitchell’s Blue hung in the air with a delicate reserve that could quite possibly eclipse the original.

...Something Cool showed Ferguson doing what I’ve always applauded her for, telling a story through a beautiful musical journey… then – bam! – she brought out two originals, the sumptuous Treasure and the funny, self-effacing Esteem, both really great recital pieces for totally different reasons.” The Christchurch Mail

Women in Jazz - International Jazz & Blues Festival, April 2013

“The spellbinding version [of I Just Wanna Make Love to You] she offered had jaws dropping all around. Ferguson has an easy confidence and it was clear to see she felt comfortable on stage… She demonstrated a wide range and flexibility.” The Press / Stuff


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