Praise for Naomi’s one woman show SONGS MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME

Centrestage Invercargill - 2011
Ferguson herself has a wonderful stage presence, and is simply endearing as the naive Cilla. It takes a lot of charisma to hold an audience's attention when you're the only actor on stage, with no props or scenery, but Ferguson managed to captivate. Her monologues were well-written, and at times, utterly hilarious. This is most definitely a gem. The Southland Times

TSB Showplace New Plymouth - 2011
From the beginning, Naomi captured the essence of her character with a fresh, innocent, enthusiastic yet slightly hesitant air. She went on to create a multitude of characters. We journeyed with them all. Naomi sang beautifully covering an extensive range. Her narrative was full of expression and very emotive. It was all over far too quickly. Most left feeling addicted and longing for another fix. The Taranaki Times

St James Theatre Wellington - 2010
Ferguson is a superb musician with a gorgeous, golden voice. Every song is beautifully sung with complete assurance and stylistic control. She seems to have a real affinity with Leonard Cohen's songs and her performance of 'Suzanne' was a highlight for me. She rises to the challenge of representing multiple characters with some believable and often very funny characterisation. Wardrop and Wood are the consummate supporting duo: subtle, inventive, stylish and responsive.

Christchurch Arts Festival - 2009
There are seamless segues into songs which crystallise the moments Cilla is going through, or illustrate an aspect of them. [Ferguson is] a mature singer with a fine voice in great command of a wide range of music. Wardrop [Graham] and Wood [Murray] provide beautifully timed instrumental support. Ferguson's monologue is amusing and engaging.

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Don’t Think Twice: Nelson Winter Festival - 2010
Naomi Ferguson has a honey voice, great range, perfect stage composure and the ability to interpret a variety of genres. She is a skillful pianist and captured the audience in a stunning and wild solo version of the folk/gospel I Believe In You. Her tender duets with Wardrop in Make You Feel My Love and Forever Young and her piano solo leading into the raunchy ensemble version of Rainy Day Women, brimming over with double entendre, were exceptional. Nelson Daily Mail

Naomi Ferguson and The Three of Hearts: Live at the Musicians Club - 2009
We were enthralled with her vocals, her compositions and the talent of her band. This band is so talented, the harmonies, the sheer enjoyment we saw on their faces made this concert a pleasure to attend. Musicians Club Newsletter

An Evening at the Garibaldi Club Wellington - 2009
Her versatility is amazing from serious to comedy, upbeat to soul searing sadness... she has so much talent and vitality... Naomi was superb, especially her performance of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah’... She is such a vibrant performer and such a wonderful range of repertoire... She has a great voice and was so poised in her delivery that she had the audience in the palm of her hand... We loved the numbers she chose to perform because they illustrated beautifully her full range of ability, exciting in its dynamics and variety. She gave Leonard Cohen's ‘Hallelujah’ such depth and feeling. A gifted and beautiful performer with so much promise. Responses from the audience

Brassed Off! - 2008
Special applause is due to the accomplished performance of Naomi Ferguson as the feisty flugelhorn player, Gloria. The Christchurch Star

Cosi - 2007
• To single out individuals from such a fine ensemble seems churlish but I can’t resist mentioning Naomi Ferguson’s vampish Julie. Metropol
• The haunting duet by Naomi Ferguson and Jillian Bartram was a real highlight. The Christchurch Star

Cats - 2007
• For it all to work, however, you need a good Grizabella, because that's who carries the show's big song (Memory) and the main dramatic moment. Naomi Ferguson was superb, delivering a truly memorable performance that had real pathos. The Christchurch Press
• Grizabella was more than aptly played by Naomi Ferguson who delivered the musical’s signature track Memory with haunting melodic gusto. Canta

The Christchurch Arts Festival - 2007
Ferguson has that rare ability to wrap you up in her songs and, caressing every syllable, tell her story with directness and warmth… Top of my list tonight was Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, which I sincerely hope she puts on her next album exactly the way she did it in concert - just her, her piano and that sleepy 'round mid night feel. The set started and finished with Bob Dylan. For those who heard Dylan live, this was a real treat because with Ferguson's careful well-placed diction at least we got to hear every word, not something the master is known for. The Christchurch Press